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The curse has broken and the people of Storybrooke have to deal with the aftermath. On top of that, the breaking of the curse and the introduction of magic to the town has brought an unexpected twist: some people from other lands who weren't part of the curse have started appearing in town...

What will happen now?

We're set just post-season one.

Please excuse the skin issues right now we're currently fixing up a new skin!

Current month: October-November, 2011.

Wanted characters!
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Snow White

Prince Charming

Henry Mills


Prince Thomas




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For in-character chat only. It is separate from the board RP.

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We're really sorry about this, but muse and general inactivity has made us realise this might be the best thing to do, rather than string people along.

We wish you the best!

Dawn and Captain.
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This skin was done by Canadian Alygator of Shine and Shadowplay.

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